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I certificati SSL che offre Webdrops ICT, categorizzati per tipo:          ssl-symantec-logo     ssl-rapidssl-logo     ssl-thawte-logo     ssl-comodo-logo     ssl-geotrust-logo

Extended validation (EV): Highest level of validation; guarantees the visitor for the full 100% that he is on the right website, which has been secured in the best way possible. Required for websites sending and receiving sensitive data like payment details. Perfect for web shops. Visualized by a green address bar in most browsers

Multi-Domain security: Protect multiple domains. A highly versatile, affordable solution. Multi-Domain certificates are ideal for businesses that need to protect multiple domains

Wildcard security: When multiple subdomains on one server need to be secured, a wildcard certificate is a cheap and easy solution

Organization validation (OV): Suitable for any website visited by external visitors, who don’t send financial or sensitive data. For example informative websites, forums or a website containing a contact form

Domain validation (DV): Does not verify the requestor, resulting in a lower level of validation. The data transmission is secured, however. Suitable for websites visited by a closed or small community, like websites under construction or an intranet

Secure Gated Cryptography (SGC): enables 128 or 256 Bit SSL encryption (depending on the browser, operating system and host server), the most powerful SSL encryption commercially available

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